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Grow your

Audience engagement, reimagined. Connect with, manage and grow your audience for free. Grow’s powerful feature set keeps your audience on your site longer and coming back more often.


What is Grow?

Grow is Mediavine’s audience engagement solution, loaded with dynamic features designed to streamline the process of boosting your performance metrics while nurturing your relationships with readers.


Audience relationships matter. Grow features like Spotlight Subscribe and Recommended Content make it easy for your readers to dig into your terrific content.


Customize your feature setup in the Grow Publisher Portal and crush your engagement goals as your readers Favorite and Save their top posts.

Increase Traffic

Say goodbye to complicated form building and hello to direct referral traffic from your newsletter and turbocharged list growth with Subscribe.

Spend your time creating content, not email formS.

Grow and Engage

You need a smarter and more efficient way to grow your audience and your business, without the expense and hassle of managing multiple platforms.

With Grow enabled, you’re streamlining your workflow and buying back your time.

Let Grow take care of email and audience engagement, so you can focus on crafting killer content.

More Engagement. More Traffic. More Super Fans.

Grow Features

Beat the bounce. Go beyond the single pageview with Grow.


Grow’s dynamic subscribe features give you the best of both worlds — accelerating your subscriber growth while authenticating your first-party data, which will be key for ad monetization once third-party cookies are gone for good.

Recommended Content

Beat the bounce and entice your readers to a second click with Recommended Content. Grow’s Recommended Content is AI-powered and gives your reader what they want, generating 124 million additional pageviews for Grow publishers in 2022.

Exclusive Content

Make your printables, digital downloads and other premium content work harder for you – incentivize your readers to log in.

Enhanced Search

Designed with your readers in mind. Backed by powerful AI. Grow’s all-new search beautifully displays your most popular, latest and recommended content.

Do it all with grow

Why publishers love Grow

Our powerful engagement suite has helped over 4,000 publishers engage with their audience and stay connected! See how Grow is making a difference for publishers just like you.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is it really free to join the Grow Community?

    100% FREE. No hidden costs, subscriptions or charges. Grow is designed to make life easier for independent publishers by saving you time and money, while helping you stand out to readers with your top notch content.

  • Can I use Grow if I’m not with Mediavine for ads? Or, don’t have any ads on my website?

    Absolutely! Grow is for the world. We’re all about empowering content creators by offering them Grow’s feature set for free. Create a free account today to get started.

  • Does Grow integrate with ____?

    Currently, Grow has direct integrations with the following email service providers and recipe card plugins: ConvertKit, MailChimp, MailerLite, Create, WP Tasty and WP Recipe Maker, with more to come!

    If you don’t see your needed integration yet, submit your feedback by logging into your Grow Publisher Portal account and selecting “Share Feedback” in the top right corner of your browser.

    In the meantime, our Zapier integration has you covered. Learn more on that here.

  • How can I talk to other content creators in my niche about how they’re using Grow?

    We’d love to have you join our Grow Community.  It’s the perfect place to collaborate and connect with other Grow publishers.

  • Can I add multiple sites under the Grow platform?

    Heck yes. Did we mention that our all-in-one engagement solution removes the guesswork so you can stay focused on doing more of what you love: Engaging with your readers!? And that applies whether you’ve got one website or five.

    Once you’ve created your free Grow account, login and head to the navigation menu on the left. Under “Grow Management”, select the “Add New Site” option and you’re off to the races.

Join the Grow Community

100% FREE. No locked features. No hidden charges.