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Tin Nguyen 3 min read

Automailer: Your Ultimate Solution for Hassle-Free Email Newsletters

What if you could save time, money and energy with an effortless email marketing strategy that requires almost no setup? 

Sounds too good to be true, right? It’s not!

We’re excited to introduce Automailer, the newest feature from Grow designed to revolutionize the way you share your latest and greatest content with your subscribers.

What is Automailer?

Automailer is a groundbreaking feature in the Grow Publisher Portal that empowers content creators to send emails to their subscribers via an RSS feed — but in newsletter format. With Automailer, your readers will receive weekly emails with content from your site they’re most likely to click on, automatically. 

Why did we create Automailer?

We created Automailer to address a significant problem for content creators: the need for a simple way to send newsletters and interact with audiences without the hassles of setting up an Email Service Provider (ESP). 

Automailer automatically curates and shares your content with your subscribers in weekly email newsletters without you lifting a finger! This feature is a game-changer for publishers aiming to build lasting connections and optimize engagement — or who currently don’t have an email marketing strategy.

Instead of manually crafting and sending each email, Automailer handles the process for you! You can say goodbye to the days of paying exorbitant fees and setting up extensive workflows with ESPs. Automailer is designed to allow content creators to focus on what they do best: creating remarkable content.

Automailer Is For Everyone

Content creators who don’t have an email marketing strategy and don’t have an ESP set up will find Automailer most useful.

With Automailer, your email workflow will be streamlined as soon as you enable the feature, so you can start engaging with your audience and bringing them back to your content. 

But what if you already have an email marketing strategy or are already working with an ESP to send newsletters to your readers? You can still benefit from Automailer! Consider Automailer emails to be a supplement to your existing newsletters. 

Not only will readers get your newsletters, they’ll also get weekly Automailer emails with posts from your site they’re likely to click on. You can even import your existing subscriber list into Automailer so all your readers will start receiving Automailer emails.

Automailer Insights

Sending emails is great, but how do you track performance? This nifty tool gives you all the information you need on how your Automailer emails perform.

While this feature is still in its early stages, Automailer Insights is the place to view your emails sent, subscribers gained, opening rates, click-to-open rates and your audience’s most clicked links. It’s here to help you gauge the impact of your emails.

Stay tuned for more updates to Automailer Insights!

How to Enable Automailer

Configuring Automailer is a breeze! Whether you’re a seasoned content creator or new to the game, our Automailer set up guide ensures you can start reaping the benefits of Automailer in just a few steps. 

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