Take your subscriber list to the next level with Grow’s two new subscribe features: Link Share & Most Valuable Content.  Check It Out
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Amethyst Duke 3 min read

Identify Your Readers with Grow’s Latest Subscribe Features

We’re thrilled to announce two new subscribe features that are now available to all Grow users: Link Share and Most Valuable Content. These two features are designed to help grow your email list and your identified readers. We know advertisers recognize the value of knowing their audience, and now you can tap into a powerful new way to identify those link sharing readers.

Link Share: Share Your Favorite Posts with Ease

Link Share is a game-changer when it comes to sharing your favorite posts with your readers. We understand how important it is for you to connect directly with your audience and make it as convenient as possible for them to access your content. With Link Share, your readers can now send links of their favorite posts directly to their inbox with just a few clicks.

No more copy-pasting URLs and composing separate emails – Link Share streamlines the process and makes it incredibly easy for your readers to share your content. By enabling this new subscribe form, you’ll empower your readers to become advocates for your blog and effortlessly spread the word about your latest posts.

Most Valuable Content: Grow Your Subscriber Lists

Do you want to maximize your subscriber list and ensure that your most valuable content receives the attention it deserves? Then our Most Valuable Content feature is perfect for you. This feature allows you to display a subscribe form on your site, strategically placed near your most valuable content.

We understand that certain posts or pieces of content hold more importance to you and your readers. With Most Valuable Content, you can ensure that your subscribe form is prominently displayed. This increased visibility will help attract more subscribers and ensure that your audience doesn’t miss out on the content that matters most. 

Don’t have a recipe or how-to-card on your site? No worries, use the Most Valuable Content Selector to designate a custom placement for your subscribe form.  

How To Get Started

Implementing these new features is a breeze. Simply log into your Grow Publisher Portal account and navigate to your Subscribe settings. From there, you can easily enable both Link Share and Most Valuable Content.

We have also prepared detailed step-by-step guides to help you make the most of these features. Whether you’re a seasoned user or new to Grow, we are confident that you’ll find our instructions easy to follow.

What is Link Share

How to Set Up Link Share

How to Enable Most Valuable Content

What’s Next?

At Mediavine, we are committed to continuously improving our products and providing our publishers with the tools they need to succeed. Link Share and Most Valuable Content are just two examples of our dedication to innovation and enhancing your publisher experience while future-proofing your business. 

Try out these new features today to help your readers become more engaged and connected to your site than ever before. We can’t wait to see how you utilize these features to take your content to new heights!