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Amethyst Duke 3 min read

Grow’s All New Subscribe Experience

Even with Google’s additional delay on third-party cookie deprecation, the time is now to invest in your future success. Identified traffic is already worth more to advertisers and according to our metrics from years of testing, email features PERFORM when it comes to identifying your readers.

We’ve listened to your feedback, tested solutions and now here with an upgraded Subscribe center to make it easier than ever to help grow your subscribers and your audience of identified readers. Grab a pen and paper and take a seat while we break down the latest updates within your Grow Publisher Portal.🚀

1. Multi View: Tailoring Forms to Perfection!

Introducing Multi View! How many subscribe forms are just right for each of your post’s page lengths? Multi View keeps the guessing at a minimum and helps provides you with a greater opportunity to capture your readers and grow your list. The number of subscribe forms that appear on your posts will automatically be tailored to suit the length of your content. Plus, we’ve fine-tuned it so your chosen spotlight form appears at the right moment in your posts, ensuring maximum impact without overwhelming your readers.

Regardless of your setup, Form Density and the default Spotlight Subscribe forms are flexible enough to work together seamlessly. Let’s say you want to have a Link Share form at the top of your post to really hook your audience, but still want subscribe forms throughout the rest of your post. No problem! Multi View tailors the number of forms on your post to suit your content.

2. Customization Made Easy: Take Control with Inview Effect Offset Fields!*

We’ve added a brand new toggle for Desktop/Mobile offset fields, giving you the power to adjust the vertical offset of your Spotlight Subscribe widget effortlessly. Customize the position of your widget for both desktop and mobile users, ensuring a seamless user experience across all devices. More information about Inview Effect, including a demo animation is now available in your Subscribe settings. *You should only adjust this setting if you encounter a header navigation conflict.  

3. Streamlined Navigation: Say Hello to Two Distinct Tabs

We’ve reimagined your Subscribe settings by dividing it into two distinct tabs: one for Forms and another for Global Settings. This new organization makes it a breeze to manage and customize your forms while easily tweaking essential global settings. No more hunting around for the right controls – everything you need is right at your fingertips, making your workflow smoother and more efficient.

We hope you’re just as excited as we are about the new and improved subscribe experience that’s designed to enhance your journey in identifying your readers, increase your subscriber growth and supercharge your monetization efforts! You’re not just a publisher; you’re a content creator, shaping the future of your business.

Ready to take on this challenge together? Log into the Grow Publisher Portal today and explore the new and improved Subscribe settings. 

We can’t wait to hear about the amazing results you achieve. No matter what the future holds with third-party cookies, we will continue to help you build your audience of identified readers, one feature at a time. 🚀