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Tin Nguyen 2 min read

Introducing Our New Lightweight Grow WordPress Plugin!

The Problem

You’re eager to supercharge your website with Grow, but you’re hit with the chore of manually adding the Grow script tag to your site.

The Solution

Say goodbye to the days of manually tinkering with scripts. Enter the lightweight Grow WordPress plugin! We’re bringing you a seamless solution that makes your life easier.

Grow is here to help independent content creators like you make a big impact on audience engagement and returning traffic without breaking the bank (because it’s free!).

Our free Grow WordPress plugin simplifies the process of growing your audience by making everything smarter and more efficient. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple platforms and hello to a streamlined workflow that gives you more time to focus on creating killer content.

Previously, sites not enrolled in Mediavine ad management had to manually add the Grow script tag in order to enable Grow and use all of its amazing audience-building features and engagement solutions.

Not anymore!

Note: While the Grow WordPress plugin is the simpler way to install Grow, you’ll still have the option of installing the script tag manually if you need to do so.

To install the script tag manually on SquareSpace, just go to How to Add Your Script – SquareSpace.

To install the script tag manually on Blogger, visit How to Add Your Script – Blogger.

Easy Setup

Here’s the deal — the Grow WordPress plugin lets you install Grow with a few clicks. No more fiddling with code or script tags. It’s going to be right there waiting for you during Grow’s onboarding process. 

Why It Matters

Mediavine is all about improving the Grow experience for you and your readers. By simplifying the setup process, you’ll save time and get straight to the good stuff — boosting your website’s engagement and audience.

And it’s hassle-free and user-friendly.

Category Targeting Made Easy

Another advantage you have when using the Grow WordPress plugin is category targeting! This is a useful Grow feature for increasing reader engagement that allows you to set up subscribe forms on specific categories of your site. Want a certain subscribe form to show up only for readers looking at your holiday desserts category? You can do this easily by turning on category targeting after installing the Grow plugin.

What if I already installed Grow with the script tag or web wrapper?

All you need to do is install the Grow WordPress plugin to ensure you can enable category targeting on your site. No need to change anything else. 

Power Up Your Website with Grow — It’s Super Simple!

Ready to level up your website game? Click here to download Grow today!

Need step-by-step instructions to get up and running in no time? Check out Getting Started with Grow’s WordPress Plugin.